Friday, 14 October 2011

The One with the Gambling

Our Last full day and night in VEGAS BABY!! Breakfast was taken at the Harley Davidson Cafe, in my opinion the food was not as good as the hotel breakfast but it did have some wicked cool bikes out the front to take some lovely touristy photos on them.

We had our Grand Canyon Helicopter tour pick up at half 2 so it was a short trip because don't forget, even though you can see something in Vegas it doesn't mean it is close! Our first stop was Planet Hollywood to buy our tickets for this evening entertainment....Peep Show. Yes this is how it sounds, we decided that we would go to a strip show. Our first plan was to actually go to a strip club as being fans of C.S.I it all seemed like quite good fun however, as surprising as it sounds, strip clubs are hard to find on the strip. We have a little scope around, and although Vegas seems to be large, off the actual strip seemed really dodgy, and, as I said above, being a C.S.I fan I also know where all the murders happen. So we decided a strip show in a hotel might be safer.

Tickets booked, a visit to Casears Palace to visit the famous Forum Shops, get lost in the Casino, and search out the 2 pools they had. That was about all we got to do before we had to head back for our pick up. At this time I was pretty excited for our helicopter trip and it was also ridiculously hot and I was looking forward to the air-conditioned bus! Turns out I am suited to the UK weather more than anywhere else because I don't do heat too well for too long.
Woops off track...right helicopter trip.
We got the bus to Boulder City and so got a nice view of Vegas off the strip. We arrived at Boulder City which (interesting fact here) is the only city in Nevada where it is illegal to gamble! True Story.
I wasn't sure how the helicopter trip would work because there were a lot of us in the mini bus but we couldn't all be on the same flight...turns out I was right, they had a fleet of little helicopters for 4 people plus a pilot with windows floor to ceiling. Our captain was very chirpy considering it was the end of the day and a bit of a joker! You know the type "its my first day" "can you hold the joystick while I have a nap", he did do a lot of singing over the mic which I found hilarious and I wasn't sure if all the other people in the helicopter could hear me laugh if I could hear him sing. It was all a bit confusing. But anyway, back to the actual helicopter ride - possibly the best way to see the Grand Canyon especially if you want to experience the awesomeness (in the original sense of the word not the Barney sense of the word) of it and experience how massive and vast the whole thing is; and we only saw the rim. We flew over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and then onto the Canyon. Words cannot here are some photos.

Hoover Dam

The Canyon through my sunglasses

After getting back and grabbing some food it was time for the strip show. As with Cirque, no photos allowed, its sad I know, you were all probably looking forward to the most but rules are rules. I will say though, the hotel strip shows are not as seedy as they sound. There was a wide range of people, older couples, young friends, a sugar daddy and his big breasted blond (they had a table at the front) but it was just good "clean" fun.
After this "day of fun" (said in a Janice voice) it was gambling time. Gary really wanted to play on the tables but we couldn't afford the $10 minimum bet so we tried the slot machines. Now these I did not get. How on earth can people sit there hour after hour playing these machines? I didn't even have the patience to sit there long enough to get a free drink let alone any winnings. So as the high flyers and the cheap skate options were out Gary and I decided to try out the electronic roulette. And as Joey said about the Buffet " that's how we won all our money back". I placed our bet on the black 6 and BINGO or ROULETTE we won  $17. Now this is the time where it counts, what do you do with your winnings? Do you put it all back in, do you switch games and up your bets because your on a winning streak? you gamble Kayleigh style and cash out while your up $17 and go and buy cocktails?
I decided to buy cocktails, Gary did the honourable thing and went to the bar to get the drinks while I watched the dancers on the tables and Gary got chatted up by a hooker. Oh yeah!!! You can't get much better on your last day in Vegas, boobs, booze, gambling, dancers and hookers.

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